City centre mansions are no longer viewed as low budget
accommodations, but as an attractive alternative to basic motels or

Nowadays some city centre mansions will offer you extensive luxury
stays that can rival with several upmarket accomidations.

Because average hotels keep upping their rates, smaller mansions are
becoming more popular and continue to grow in numbers world wide.

'B&B' as a brand has taken the world by storm and is seen more often as
a mini hotel.


In the old days mini hotels where solely found in countryside locations,
whilst hotels where the place of choice in the city centre.
Today you'll find more and more mini hotels moving closer to the city.

Enschede has not yet caught up with this trend. Only 2 luxury mini hotels
can be found down town.

Ensche-Day Inn is one of them.
Guesthouse in down town
Guesthouse in downtown Enschede
for tourist & business stay
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